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Downloaded the game and it won't let me run it. Asks if the exe is missing. What do I do?

That happened to me as well!

yeah i dont know whats going on. I tried downloading the game again and it says its an invalid download.

Got it working, think I had to extract it that's all

love it! took a bit of figuring out to get norton not to delete it automatically (had to take it off the quarantine list) but i've been playin it for hours it's soooo funny and cute! RIP all the work i meant to do tonight.

Um if you don't mind me asking, how did you do that? I tried to find out but it wouldn't work?

i opened my norton program, clicked the green arrow to view more options, opened up the history window, selected quarantine in the drop down list, selected the file in the list below and there was a button on the right that said something like 'exempt' or 'restore' or something like that. selected that and i believe i had to agree once more to the change and that was that! here are some screenshots, i really hope this helps! [screenshots]

Thank you so much!!!

you're welcome! hope it worked out for you and that you enjoy the game! n_n it's really funny~


Ah, awesome. Should have a look at this over the weekend. :)


Why isn't there any diversity with the Protagonist? I mean at least a bit of skin tone change cause people usually don't want to play the 'white protagonist' .

Harvest Moon A new beginning did it.

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Because it's the character the creators wanted to create.


Because this is the character they had in mind for THEIR game. That's just as bad as saying there are too many (insert any color here) people in a game the developer should change it because I want my character to be (whatever color you wanted) to fit my agenda. And since all the character are modeled off real people my bet is the dev modeled the protagonist off of someone to some extent.


Also, I'm pretty sure Hana is supposed to be Japanese, not white, since her full name is Japanese (Hana Mizuno) and she originally went to a school in a town called Amaririsu, which is again Japanese. I'm not sure why one would think Hana is white when all of this information makes it pretty clear that she's very likely supposed to be Japanese.

Please talk to Norton or something. My security doesn't like the game.


It's because the files are so new. Norton doesn't like new files. Just allow exceptions for the files it tries to remove. I had to do the same thing.

How do you do that? I tried to find out but it didn't work.


Dude, gonna download the game. I'm hyped


I am freaking my friends out with my hype to date bearded men 1.5x my age... And I love it!


I'm so excited to get this game!!!!

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