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Hana, the protagonist of Asagao Academy, transfers to the school after a series of negative experiences. She desperately wants to join the Normal Boots Club, though her motives may be less than pure. Shy, awkward, quiet, and a wee bit insecure, she has a big heart and genuinely cares about people.

Mai is Hana's loud, boisterous, and spunky roommate. She's obsessed with the Normal Boots Club, Jared in particular, and is a bit blunt. Her excessive energy makes her an ace on the school's volleyball team.

Jon is one of the founding members of the Normal Boots Club and the head of the Drama Club. He adores bizarre retro games, and loves his pet bird, Jacques, more than life itself. Jon is charismatic, energetic, and animated. Everything seems to be going well for him - that is, until he loses something dear...

PBG, one of the founding members of the Normal Boots Club, is an easy-going, caring, and optimistic guy. He doesn't bother with school, instead focusing on important things like soccer and pinball. Despite his friendliness, he's giving Hana strange looks, and then starts skipping class...

Jared is a part-time model. Naturally, he is the most attractive person in school and knows it, often coming off as vain, fickle, and shallow. Despite this, Jared truly cares for his friends, and the confidence he projects may not be as solid as it appears.

Satch is an assistant librarian at the school library working on a virtual reality machine. Satch is intellectual, empathetic, mature and well-read. He always thinks of others' feelings before his own, but keeps his problems to himself - which might backfire when Normal Boots is targeted...

Shane is a foreign exchange student from England. Quiet, straightforward, and blunt, he's a natural with trivia competitions, but instead chooses to challenge himself with Nario Cart. Despite how much the club needs Hana's skills, he is steadfastly against her joining.

Jirard is an avid collector of Itty Bitty Kitty figurines. Passionate, ambitious, and a bit of a perfectionist, he is the resident speed-runner. Perhaps as a result of his need to complete, he does well both academically and socially, being one of the most caring people on campus.

Paul, Nick, and Josh are blood bound under Continue?'s banner. They are inseparable and typically found wreaking general havoc by reenacting the '80s and '90s arcade beat-em-ups they love so dearly. Paul is running for student council president, but when a strong rival appears, will the pressure of competition be too much?

For a complete list of everyone who worked on the project, please visit Asagao Academy's credits page.

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If you have any troubles, check out our Technical Support page!

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04.27.2016 - Asagao Academy version 0.5 is out! You can view a complete list of fixes and additions here. Players with previous versions of the game can learn how to keep their save files here.

06.10.2016 - Asagao Academy version 1.0 is out! This includes a new, additional completion bonus and a 33rd unlockable CG. Players with previous versions of the game can learn how to keep their save files here.

Illus Seed LLC
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 21, 2016
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(173 total ratings)
AuthorsIllus Seed, Cara, unicornism
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsDating Sim, Otome, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksStore, Homepage, Twitter


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Protagonist has A-cup Angst. Sick of that overused trope.

any chance for an android version?

Why can't I download it ? It says no permission?

Weird, it still works for me when I click stuff? .-.

Great game, Very much enjoyed it. I didn't like that I wasn't informed that dialogue choices effected the tournament, but once I figured that out I had no issues with the game.

Just got to say, loved the harry potter reference lol (turn to page 394


Since it's been a while ago the last update,can someone tell me if the game is full,or it's paused?Thank you for your time.


Yes it is fully released but it's funny to come back to and know that both Normal boots and Hidden Block have since disbanded or have different members than who are in the game

(2 edits) (+1)(-9)

Atlus, you idiots! Hire these people to write the characters for Persona 6! We need a female protagonist like Person 3 FemmeChar and nine male romance options!  I think you guys have exhausted all of your female romance options with Persona 5.

Great game idea. I want to write a Persona-like game with characters like these. Do you mind if I use some of these characters as a muse for my future fan game? ;)

I won't use the characters, just their personalities. I know that using real-life people in video games can leave to trouble.


This will forever be a favorite of mine but goes to show how games being made featuring real people is a risk lol but separating the real people from the game them, I love the characters a lot :).


this is my favorite dating sim. inspired me to try and make my own. :-) thank you guys


I really love this game! The light-hearted humor and wholesome scenes really helped me through a lot of bad times. Its a shame the last kickstarter goal was never reached, a male protagonist and more voice acting would make the player feel more immersed in the very well made world. 10/10 I still feel like this game holds up even 4 years later! Although future update chances are slim to none, I still like to hold on to the little hope that this expertly created story will be expanded more!


It's a pretty standard dating sim, but the main appeal is seeing how much of a relic of 2016 this is.  Before Normal Boots died


Y'know, having not been familiar with any of these people before playing, it really is a well-written and fun game. That said, it was awkward and in some cases uncomfortable to get to know these characters, say "hey, they seem cool here and they're all content creators, maybe I should check out the real people", and be confronted with the reality of some of the people and relationships IRL. 

TL;DR: It's a good game, but I will never play or read anything fictional that involves real living people ever again.

Can relate, I had no prior knowledge of these people, so I used that knowledge to tell myself the ones in game were simply characters, but ya, I'm with you on not liking fiction using real people.




I'm probably one of the few who played this game not knowing who the guys were, and i was very shocked when i saw they weren't as attractive as their characters,haha. Great game,though!


How very unfortunate. Games with self inserts are destined to age like milk

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
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Yikes, seeing this project of devoted fans now stirs up so many wrong emotions. Half of the group are estranged or very passive. They threw JonTron out, who ironically is now by far the most successful. And with those non-allegation against Jared makes it twice as uncomfortable seeing him together with young girls in this game. I ones played this game to remind me how much heart went into its development to praise great people who enlightenen millions of peoples days. Now I cant go through a single line without disgust and despise.




Whoooo boy, this is not going to age well with the ProJared drama going on

Still love this game because of Jontron tho 


JAREDS PHOTOS OMG this game wouldnt stop making me laugh it was so cute and funny ive been playihng for hours and not even halfway thank you so much!!


Jared's photos indeed



(1 edit) (+9)

In just 24h this comment went from lovely to very veeery creepy.


I... I've played you game 7hours in a row ! I couldn't stop myself ! And I'm still full of emotions when I write this ! Oh my god ! Your game was amazing ! No, it's still amazing ! Your game IS amazing ! It touched my heart every single moment that I couldn't stand it ! I'm here, still gigling because it was so cute, heartwarming and pleasing ! 

I just did like I was Hanna and I fell in love with PBG, he was so cute the first time he went to talk to me with his shyness and his little way of putting an invisible hat on his head ! So cute ! How did you do that??? How did you manage to make such a overly cute game ?? 
ARGH I'm so hypped right now, I'm in love with all of this !

Ps :  I didn't know what was the normal boots but now I'm curious :o


That looks like Sayori so much!


I'll wait forever if I have to, I just need the Mai route.

Hey so I was playing this game recently because I remembered playing it long ago. Then I showed it to a friend who wanted to play it, I was talking about it, and then we though "What if we make characters based off this game?". Now I've made a club jacket design and character and really want to make a webcomic story based off it. I honestly don't mind if you say no I just wanted to ask first before I do anything more.


I tried to download this game around twelve times and it keeps on failing to download with only 3-7mb left... Could someone give me an alternative link?


Hello yes when can we get a Mai route, I love her with all my heart and I want to date her 

yes i agree, pleasee


Probably one of the best visual novels I've ever played. The pacing of the story is so excellent. It creates a soothing atmosphere almost a kin to spending the night at a friends house. It's warm hearted, funny, and emotional. 

10/10 will be playing again.

I have to say. This is definitely one of my favorite games ever. I may have a hard time getting the good endings and it may have been impossible getting the best endings. But I love this game. The intro music never ever fails to put a smile on my face. I love it. Hana's character is probably the most dynamic character I have ever had the chance to play as. It makes my heart beat faster every time I play. I hope Illus Seed comes out with more games like this! 

I've only played four routes so far: Jared, Shane, Paul, and PBG (listed in the order of how much I enjoyed them). But wow. This is by far one of the best otome/visual novel games that I have ever played.

The artwork and mechanics are lovely. The storyline is fully fleshed out, with wonderful dialogue, flawed but realistic and adorable characters, and an engaging series of events.

There are many choices in the game, and I felt that they all rightfully had significance on the ending. The pacing of the storyline is wonderful as well; the big competition day is the overhanging conflict of the game, and it remains so up all the way through the end. This team did an exceptional job of balancing romance, character development, and side stories with the central issue.

I loved playing as Hana, and was so pleasantly surprised by the development of her character. Her relationship with her father and her openness about her shy demeanor/experience being bullied was incredibly touching--bullying is a topic that I feel games/anime too often water down and take advantage of, but you guys did an amazing job bringing it home. I teared up while reading the letters between her and her amazing father, and was so proud to see her finally be so happy.

I also liked how Hana grows and evolves as a character depending on which route we take. I enjoyed Jared, Shane, and Paul's route so much because of how much Hana broke out of her shell and began to gain confidence in her instincts and self-worth--and how it varied for each boy. She didn't take Shane's hot-cold bullshit, called out Jared for being selfish, and walked out on Paul when he was being unreasonable. That was probably why I didn't enjoy PBG's route so much; I felt neither really grew as individuals while in a relationship with each other, that Hana stayed inside that shell.

Another route-specific complaint I have would be Paul's character development. I liked the story outline, but felt that his romantic feelings for Hana was too rushed. The redemption for all of his denial/insecurity over the class election didn't tie up all the ends--especially when I consider all of the tears Hana shed over him to Mai. A little more angst, a little more pining/jealousy, some more scenes and conversations...that would've hit the spot!

Also, Mai is possibly the best friend I've ever met--I could not agree more with her dialogue about why it was important to hold Jared accountable for his shitty actions. And the fact that she was willing to let Hana be happy with the boy she was crazy for? What an incredible, incredible friend. I was really happy to see in Jared's route that Mai and PBG get together; personally, I think they are a better couple than Hana and PBG, and their energies match each other so well. ^.^

Great, great, great, great (gosh I use that word too much to describe this game but it is so true) game. I've recommended this to so many people, and I will continue to do so! Will definitely come back to tip this amazing team when I get the funds haha.

Am still playing through, more episodes to come of the playthrough soon! I'm absolutely loving it! The Small Voice Acting parts, the music, the artwork - all fab! Please make more.
(You should make one called Asagao Academeow where everyone is cats!)

I finished this game a while ago and found it really enjoyable. The art was cute, the characters were endearing, and some endings were heartbreaking. One complaint I have is that I recently started up the game again to replay a route and found that all of my data had been erased except for my saves. All of the scenes, endings, and CGs are gone. Just wanted to make you guys aware of this if there's any way to fix it.

Played this six months ago and I'm finally finally posting those episodes! I loved this so much! It was so cute and sweet! And so fun!


I can't tell you how much I love this game. My friend told me about this game and how highly addictive it was, and so I thought to myself, "I just gotta check this out and see what it's all about." And, to my surprise, I was hooked on it within the first 10 minutes of playing it, and now, every chance I get, I go back and reply the whole thing. I'm actually in the middle of doing a runthrough right now on my twitch channel, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to be very fun. This game is definitley a game to play on your own in private, but besides that, it's such a wonderful game that got me into so many new things. Whenever they introduced the main characters and their "rival club," Hidden Block, it sorta piqued my interest and I went and did some searching about them on my own, and I got hooked on them to say the least. Especially the Hidden Block guys. This game has opened so many new doors for me for so many new opportunities to expand myself in every way, and it's just so amazing. I love this game.

I've just started this game and I'm already loving it! The graphics are gorgeous, the little voice acting additions really add to the immersion - so happy I'm playing it for my channel!

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