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Almost every time I open the game it seems like all my progress is erased, but my saves are still there, so I find myself skipping through Chapter 1 and recompleating the routes i have done. If anyone can help with this that would be great. I would like to complete the game, but if this keeps happening I won't be able to.

I need to pay attention to more YouTubers >< But I'm loving this game! The humor is amazing, especially the fashionable triple-chin shots of ProJared lol

I've been Let's Playing it for my channel for a while now >.> I'm having WAY too much fun making thumbnails for it XD For anyone interested, here's episode 1:

Thank you SO much for making this game :) I didn't even know I needed it in my life, but I'm glad it's here!

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Well, the storyline is cliche but adorable, the characters have a personality to adore and even the teacher is surprisingly interesting.

The problem that -only- I see is with the main character. No personality whatsoever, flaws that only exist for plot convenience, annoyingly cliche mentality and overwhelming sensitivity; she cries/tears up at least once every two darn days. Maybe tone down the Mary-Sue-Ness? Even if it's just a joke, it's still pretty annoying.

That all said, the game is surprisingly good. I'm pleasantly surprised; this was unexpected. Great job, honestly.

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omg please please help i have no idea what i'm doing, i'm trying my hardest to understand what to do, but I have no idea how to actually install/download this game, please help i want to play it so bad


Hi! I'll do my best to explain!

> Click the green "Download Now" button

> Click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

> There's a list of versions of the game. If you're on a computer running Windows, click the "Download" button next to "" If you're on a Mac, click the button next to "" If you're using Linux, select the one next to ""

> The game downloads as a zipped folder that you'll need to unzip. If you're using a Windows computer, I recommend the program WinRAR. It's free. Right click on the zipped folder and "Extract Files". Set the destination to anywhere EXCEPT your Program Files folder and extract. If you're on a Mac, I think you can double click the zipped folder to unzip it? I have a PC, so I'm not sure... I wont be able to help you unzip the game with Linux as I've never used it.

> Open the unzipped folder and inside is a blue pixel flower icon called Asagao Academy. Double click that to launch the game!

I'm having a hard time downloading the game, when I finally got it downloaded it gave me a traceback error. I haven't been able to correct the problem on my end. Is there anything else i could try other than downloading again, I already tried that. And the dll edit doesn't work because of the encrypted package, and i can't create the missing files because I don't know what was in them in the first place, help much appreciated! Thank you! ~Admin of account(V.S.)

Hello! What is your OS?

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well dang, i was halfway through the jon route when all my progress on other routes were completely erased! all that was left was the save files where i did the routes. is there a way i can recover my progress? or do i have to do almost ALL THE ROUTES ALL OVER AGAIN!

i will rage so HARD if there is no way to recover my saves


Are you using Windows 10? And/or is your Asagao folder inside your Program Files folder?


is that a good thing or a bad thing?


We need to create a petition for a Mai route. I know I said something similar before, but I truly feel this needs to happen. Let us rally the troops and fight the good fight to get this absolutely nessecary thing.


My thoughts exactly, a Mai route would be amazing!

Yes! In every play through I've watched they're like, "I wish we can date Mai"

It's a thing that needs to happen

???? How do you start the game? I downloaded it and I'm not sure how to start it. Which folder is it in?

when I got it. It was in a zipped folder. I had to extract it then I got the icon to start the game. It wasn't in a folder. If you have a question I would contact them.

Hiya. I had the same problem you did when I first got the game. Do you know where the (I think it's WinRAR) zip archive is? It's the 3 book icon with the words AsagaoAcademy1.0 next to it. Click on it. Click on the second folder in the file (The first takes you out of the WinRAR.), and after that click on the one that has the type as 'Application'. That is the game, however I suggest taking the folder out of WinRAR. To do this just open WinRAR like normal, but instead of going into the second folder, just drag it to where ever you want, then open that folder (The one you just moved). It is easier to find the game that way, because it has a blue flower icon instead of a white box. I know that seemed a little confusing but I hope that helped.

You'll need to unzip the zipped game folder. You can use WinRAR if you're on Windows. Once unzipped, the game is inside the main Asagao Academy folder. It has a blue flower icon!

I LOVE THIS GAME! I want a sequel or another otome game pretty pretty please. It has the right amount of humor and suspense. I love Ian's route!

Hiya! I'm having a bit of a problem. Yesterday I was playing the game. I beat Jon's route and got to chapter two of Satch's. I had saved the game about 8 times the last being right before I exited out of the game. Well I went back today to continue Satch's route, and all my saves were gone. I have version 1.0 of the game, so I don't really know how to fix it. P.s. I was playing Jon's route after I had redownloaded the game to get the update. I hadn't played the game before redownloading the game.

Your Asagao folder is probably located inside your Program Files folder right now. You can't save data inside that folder. Move your entire Asagao folder to a new location (like your desktop) and you'll be able to save without your saves mysteriously deleting themselves!

In order to get the new updates, do i have to redownload the game ???

I had to, I don't know about anyone else.

Yes! Redownload the newest version of the game to a new location. You can go into your old Asagao Academy folder and inside the "game" folder there's a folder called "saves". Right click and copy that entire folder. Then go into your new Asagao Academy folder and paste your saves folder into that version's "game" folder (note that if you haven't started up the new version of Asagao at least once, there wont be a "saves" folder inside the games folder. That doesn't matter! You can paste the saves folder in there anyway and it'll work.)

Alternatively, you can just overwrite your old Asagao Academy folder with the newer version and it'll replace all the files that need to be replaced and still keep your saves. If you do it this way, I recommend making a copy of your Asagao folder beforehand, just in case.


The Windows download might be broken, it gets to a certain point and then finishes automatically. Then when I try to open the compressed folder it says that the folder is invalid or something stupid like that. Please help!


Same problem for me...


Same problem here. Please help!


Same problem! Glad its not just me.

Asagao Senpai notice us

I Suggest downloading the one that is compatible with all types of computer not just the windows download, because that version works completely fine (Minus the having to move the file out of WinRAR to even save the game).

that worked

I need a sequel now...

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Is the windows download broken? It gets to 2.1mb and finishes downloading and WinRar tells me that there is an "unexpected end of archive"??

I believe it is missing one of the files needed to completely download. So I suggest if you want to play the game, Download the first file (The one compatible with all computers). It works completely fine (Just before you start the game, take the folder (The entire folder, not just the game) out of WinRAR, otherwise you can't save any progress. It will be deleted as soon as you exit the game.)

This was nothing like I expected: better than I ever expected! Please, donate to these wonderful creators. I wish I could do more, but I sadly can't. All I can do is enjoy this game over and over again, which such compelling story and convincing characters.

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this game was and is AMAZING this is sooo much better than some of the dating sims I've bought off of steam < 3 beautiful better quality and longer story driven playtime! I love it :3 and those references. I totally cracked up at the Arin chin face photo Jared had. and I was ecstatic at the Majora's Mask reference in the astronomy (or was it astrology?) book.

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if only I could date hana...

I hope you're joking.

whats wrong with hana. i'm a dude, so the concept of dating pbg or jontron, while novel, does not appeal to me.

1: She has absolute no personality whatsoever. She's over-sensitive, selfish, and has no character development.

2: She's the PROTAGONIST. It's impossible to date her.

3: She's non-existent.

1: i have not played the game. so her personality is irrelavant.

2: i meant as a seperate thing to this game

3: i meant as part of a game, not in real life, so therefore whether ir not she exists is meaningless.

Really enjoying this game thus far! I must admit, I was not really familiar with any of the Youtubers featured in this game (except Jontron) before starting it, but none of the humor seems to be lost on me, and I think it'll help me to give a properly objective review of the game as I progress through it! Loving the cheesey dialog, character development, and the opportunity to flex my (puny) voice acting muscles. :)

I LOVE the game. I have never played a dating sim or the sort, but I don't know that I want to play any others out of fear of being disappointed because this game is SO EMOTIONAL to play for me. The characters are very flawed but explained in ways that make you want to progress. Scratch that, want Hana to progress. She's a good person and has a lot in common with someone like me who has anxiety and has such doubt about themselves, but she's also very selfishly flawed realisticly and I like that to an extent too. The best thing is that I know who these people are. What they show of themselves at least. Austin (PBG seriously why not call him Austin), Jirard, Jon, even the backstory given to Shane. I know these are not the real people, but it's surprising how well the known of these YouTubers are represented based on personality. My ONLY gripe is that it should be more. Bigger. More routes, more development of the Hidden Block group, but most importantly more CHOICES. The only true thing that bothered me in this game is that you can only control about a 5th of the big choices within the game, like Mai wanting to see 'the boots' and you not wanting to. Of course even this makes sense because of how Hana is as a character. She is needy and flawed like anyone else. She's impulsive too. That's what's magical about the experience. It's not you. It's her. In fact if anyone in that game was me when playing it was Jirard. PBG represents how I actually act around people, but Jirard has an emotional connection. The final choice in his route with Wallid definitely hits me hard, because I went back to choose the negative option and got a neutral end and it made me so sad for Hana. but I understood. I love the game sorry I'm rambling. It is AMAZING!

It's one of those experiences you don't want to end. I ditched Fallout 4 of all things to play this game. 20/10 for stuffing more emotion than any game I've ever played into such a simple yet gorgeous package :)

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game c:

I'm trying to get all the endings for the completion bonus, but having issues properly unlocking Satch's good end. I've gotten his good end 3 times now, but it is still listed as ??????. I have unlocked everything else; Satch's good end is the one thing in the Extras (aside from the final completion bonus) that I am missing. Advice?

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I was struggling with this as well but I finally figured it out. Apparently, you can get Satch's good ending regardless of whether you win or lose the tournament. For it to unlock in the scene picker, you have to win the tournament and get the good ending (I did this by maxing out my points and picking the choices that weren't bad, but weren't great either). After that, it gave me the completion bonus.

Hope this helped!

It took a couple tries, but I finally got it by attempting that. Thanks!

I've been trying to play this game, but I'm having trouble opening it. Any help? I have a Windows computer and I have downloaded the game on the download option. I've never had and rpa file before so any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Did you unzip the folder? All you need to do is download it and unzip it to any location besides your Program Files folder (you can't save data in that folder so your save files will erase themselves if you store your Asagao folder inside your Program Files folder.) I use WinRAR to unzip folders. Once unzipped, just open the folder and the game will be in there with a blue pixel flower icon. It's an .exe called Asagao Academy and you wont need any special program to run it!

It's working now! Thank you so much! ^^


I was wondering if you guys were thinking of making extra content for the game or perhaps some other routes? *cough* A Mai route would be awesome *cough* Other than that it's a really great game! I hope i get to see more of your guy's work in the future!

I went with Satch's route and got the best ending. I'll probably play the other routes later. Anyway, lovely game and so cute! I especially enjoyed Mai's role in the story, and the tough choices you have to make. Good job!

the first time i played this through i played PBG's route and got the worst ending. so much for my judgement! that being said, i've played through each and every route and (perhaps with a bIT of cheating) got the best endings. fantastic game, me and my friends are addicted, help us please

  1. En que idioma esta el juego

One of my favorite things about the soundtrack is the drum solo at the beginning of the theme song. I start waving my hands around, banging on imaginary drums that I don't actually know how to play. Halo: Combat Evolved may be my best memory as a gamer, but nothing gets me in the mood for my game like the main menu of Asagao Academy.


Anyone think that they should add some more to this game, don't get me wrong I love it but I would love to see some more routes. My personal favorite ideas are a Mai route or maybe a Markiplier route.


I feel like im the only one who got Shane's rout first try.

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Played pbg path it was funny, cute, and we kill smiley man but one problem NOT ENOUGH ADVENTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 1/10

Okay, I tried downloading this thing, but after I did, the "search for this app" was amazingly confusing.

I'm shocked at the quality of this game. Usually, I'm not into dating sims, but this one's pretty damn good.

All of the art's top-notch, the music and voice-acting's very well done, the presentation is spectacular.

So far, the story's well-written. There's no grammar issues, everything seems natural for a visual novel.

I'm not sure what else to say, amazing game.

i need help downloading, i get the zip file on my windows 10 idk what to do after that. please help


Once you receive your .zip file, you need to move it to another location from your downloads folder. Usually Documents or Program File is fine. When you've moved it, right-click the file and select <Extract All...>. Typically, this brings up a dialog that asks where you want the new folder to go, and the default is in the same location as your .zip file. When you've done this, simply open up your newly extracted folder, and run the Asagao Academy application.

If you're still having issues with your .zip file, try downloading WinRAR or 7Zip. These programs are designed to extract from various types of file, including .zip and .rar files. Just follow an online tutorial for extracting files with one of these programs, and you should be well on your way.

Don't keep your Asagao Academy folder inside your Program Files folder! If you save and come back, your save files will be wiped. Any other location should be fine.

I moved the .zip file into my Documents and when I try to do the <Extract All...> it says that the compressed file is empty?? In this case should I consider getting WinRAR or something to help out? I'm not sure if it would help with this or not...

Yes, I think you should consider a decompression program. Personally, I prefer 7Zip but WinRAR should work just as well. If you still run into this issue, something may be wrong with the download, maybe your internet is allocating space for the file, and then assuming it's filled?

I have an error related to the journal mechanic, where opening the journal appears to be non-permissible due to a potential missing file, or miscalculated range or value? I have the traceback and a save file related to it. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem any reliable way to contact you guys with this information. Although, glancing up at the downloads, I'm just noticing 0.9 came out? It would be helpful if I could get updates when these things happen. Maybe it was fixed already? Being under-informed kinda sucks. It'd also be nice if there was a regular changelog, informing players what's been updated.

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BAD ENDING?! I did PBG's thingy but what did I do wrong?

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I did that once. Maybe I can help you out? I went back and just answered a few questions(2, I think) differently and I got the best ending.

I have a couple saves on text that has typos, and will continue to accumulate them as I see them. I'm sure you're already hard at work on updating these, but I figured it'd be nice to have direct references. Let me know if this is useful to you at all, and I can share my email to give you the saves.

On another note, this is amazing. I wasn't expecting this game until November, and it's out now. After playing for a few hours, everything has been deeply moving, and all the introductions (knowing the personalities they're based on) have such a sense of hilarity. I feel really excited and giddy playing this, like a Christmas morning that lasts for a week. This is about everything I could hope for: a compelling story, meaningful decision-making, beautiful sprites and background art, a good soundtrack...the list can go on. I'm very pleased with the result. Whatever it is that you're doing, whatever the motivation and inspiration that has caused you to create this, don't lose sight of that. As a Normal Boots fan for a few years, I can say that this game really delivers.


Also, in Shane's Best End, he says he's never heard her swear before. Which is false, if you look back at the joke in the cooking scene.

Is there a girl route for this?

i <3 this game XD been playing this alllllll night :D

i chose Jirard, hes soooo kind n his path was pretty easy

I'm playing this at 11pm with school tomorrow but it's not like I need rest or anything pssh

What's the change from version 0.7? Your updates section only lists 0.5.

I got an error on Jirard's route after the game convention (I think it was a dialogue from Jared or a transition.)

You should be able to just hit 'ignore' and continue the game for any errors that come up! Those errors are from Jared's sparkles, but we think they're an engine-related issue, not one we can fix.

I see. I did press ignore to continue the game, but I was still worried it would be something game breaking ^^;. thanks for answering!

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